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But what if I have a minor problem or repair you may ask.  Well don't fret we are a full service shop with the tools and ability to diagnose and repair even mundane vehicle issues.



Jeremy Bryant

All of this chaos was the brain child of our president and founder Jeremy Bryant.  From the time that Jeremy left his mother's whom, the only thing on his mind was performance vehicles.  Every toy had to be taken apart, analyzed, and understood before being reassembled and improved upon.  As the years passed, the hot wheels turned to bicycles, turned to motorcycles, turned to muscle cars and mud trucks.  This love and passion lead Jeremy to pursue a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Missouri-Rolla to gain the acidemic knowledge to accompany his hands on experience.  Following his Bachelor's Degree, Jeremy continued his eduction at Indiana Wesleyan University where he received his Masters of Business Administration Degree.  This degree provided the final pieces of the puzzle for him to launch into the endeavor and pursue his dream.

Parts and Media Manager:

Katie Awald

Katie joined the team at Deviant in the winter of 2013.  She quickly jumped in and started to establish and grow Deviant's relationships with many of the top manufacturers in the aftermarket performance industry.  She is always continuing to try and expand Deviant's relationships with suppliers to increase the end value Deviant can offer to their customers.  Along with managing Deviant's parts offerings, Katie also manages the social media for the company to keep things fresh, young, and clean feeling for everybody involved.


We build the un-thought of daily!!!


From complicated to whats considered impossible we welcome the challenge.  We take great pride in putting impossible long travel suspensions under vehicles with very low center of gravities.  We find great pleasure in putting motors where they were never intended to be and making the work seamlessly for the owner.  Finally, we garner excitement from combing seemingly random parts into beautiful motorized works of art for the end user.


Imagination & Execution

These are the two main words that our shop lives and dies by.  Everything we build is original and executed to the up most perfection and quality.