This poor little CJ7 rolled into our shop after it had burned down due to a fuel leak on the motor.  We started by pulling the old worn and burned 4.2 out and built a custom 4.6L stroker jeep motor.  It got head work, a COMP Cams cam, Header, Offenhauser intake, and F.A.S.T. Ez-EFI fuel injection system.  End result came out to about 400 horses.  Then we rebuild the Dana 300 T-case that had seen better days.  Finally we swapped out the factory transmission for a new NV3770 6 speed manual from a 2006 Jeep TJ.  Then we  rebuilt a set of Waggy Dana 44 axles and swapped them in.  The front rides on 4" Lift springs with custom panhard bar and cross over steering.  The rear rides on a custom 1/4 Eliptic tri-angulated 4-link with 28" of wheel travel.

Corvette Exhaust Repair

This super charged Vet rolled into the shop with a major exhaust issue.  One catalytic Converter was completely open with the other completely clogged making the motor run extremely unbalanced.  So we removed the exhaust and corrected the Cats.  Now it sounds and runs just like a supercharged vet should.

Midnight Monster

This is a full on build of one Tracker.  We gave it the full treatment with custom triangulated 4-link rear and 3-link front suspension on 14" travel Fox Air Shocks using Johnny Joints and 1-3/4" .120 DOM tubing. To help steer, it was converted to Toyota power steering with a PCS Ram Assist setup.   It also received a back half on the frame and a full roll cage to protect both front and rear passengers.  To clean up the outside and help protect the body, it received a custom front bumper and winch plate along with custom rock sliders.  The entire project rides on 37" IROK tires and Toyota axles with custom trusses.

Real Man's Jeep:

This 2004 TJ Rubicon rolled into the shop to receive a drivetrain upgrade or three.  It got a GM LS motor and 4L60E transmission.  We adapted the transmission to the factory Jeep NP241 RockTrac transfer case by rebuilding the transmission and installing a new out put shaft and tail housing adapter.  We also upgraded several internal components and installed a shift kit.  Then it got installed on new motor mounts and a custom transmission mount.  It also got a new upgraded radiator with dual electric cooling fans.  Inside we we built a custom console to house a B&M shifter and custom gauge setup using Dakota Digital Gauges.

Family Protection

This TJ rolled into our shop with many other great upgrades on it already, but still sporting the factory sport cage.  The sport cage is never up to hard off-road use or roll overs.  So the time had come for upgrading the cage as well.  We started off by installing a modified version of a Blue Torch Fab cage kit over the drivers compartment.  After that we continued the cage upgrade over the rear passengers with our own custom tube work.  We made sure that when all was said and done, the factory soft top frame would still clear and go up and down just like it was supposed to.  Now if this one ever turtles, the occupants will be safe and sound and ready for more fun.

SAS S10 Crew Cab Repairs and Upgrades

This not so little S10 Crew Cab rolled into the shop with some rust issues and in need of better traction.  We started by pulling the bed off the truck, then removing all the bad metal and treating the remain surface rust.  Then we replaced all the bad metal, underlined the bottom, and then monster lined the inside.  Once the bed was solid, we installed an Aussie Locker in the rear axle of the truck and fixed the brakes so the e-brake would work again.  Finally we replaced the rear shackles and bushings for a better more reliable ride.


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YJ Resurection

This YJ rolled into the shop needing some TLC and upgrade to make it the perfect dual use jeep.  The boys and girls here at Deviant designed and built a custom sport cage, rear bumper, and swing away tire carrier.  We also replaced the rotted rear crossmember, replaced the gauge cluster so they work, replace the fuel sending uint so it works, upgraded the front lights, carb, and electrical system.  Then we made a custom kick down setup of the transmission.

Ol' Blue

This Blue YJ rolled into our shop to receive a drivetrain conversion.  We custom installed a Chevy 350 c.i. TBI motor and 700R4 Transmission.  We used custom motor mounts and made a custom transmission cross member for it.  That was followed with custom dual exhaust to make it sound just right.  Then a custom rear bumper and tire carrier were fabricated before tieing the roll cage into the frame.  Finally, we built a custom full skid plate to protect the oil pan and transmission.  To help control all that power, we built a custom traction bar for the rear suspension.  Finally, we installed a set of custom driveshafts from Adams Driveshafts.

Up Lifting

​This 2013 Chevy Duramax 2500 HD was in need of an attitude adjustment.  So the gang here at the shop threw a 4" Lift Kit at it along with some new side steps to ease the access.

Below the Belt Protection:

This is a Power Wagon that actually gets used for what it was built for by Dodge.  It sees regular off-road use and the factory step bars were just not providing the protection the rock panels needed.  So the guys here at the shop made a custom set of rock sliders with built in steps to protect the bottom of this big Dodge.  These are mounted to the frame not the body and are more then strong enough to support the weight of the truck.

Chi Town YJ

This black YJ rolled into the shop bone stock and in need of some love.  We installed a 4" spring under lift kit.  We then threw on a set of new wheels and Good Year Wrangler Duratrac Tires.  With the suspension sorted, we rebuild the 4x4 actuator for the front axle to make 4 wheel drive work again.  We followed that up with a custom front winch bumper with stinger and LED lights.  Next we fabricated a custom rear bumper and dual action tire carrier with LED back up lights.  To compliment the LED back lights we installed LED brake lights in the tub to match.

Angry Pumpkin:

This 2006 Jeep TJ received a full daily driver treatment.  It got a Pro Comp 4" Stage II lift kit, OX Lockers front and rear with 3.73:1 gearing.  Then it Chromolly Rear shafts along with HD front shafts in a Dana 30 High Pinion from a Jeep Cherokee.  The transmission was swapped to a GM 700R4 Automatic with a custom console for a B&M shifter and custom mounted trans cooler.  Then Adam's Driveshaft CV driveshafts were installed front and rear.  It recieved upgraded headlights, stereo, and tailgated mount wolfer to hear all the tunes.  For recovery it got a Warn winch with controls wired into the cab and mounted to the center console for ease of use.  Finally to protect the rocker panels, it got a set of Poison Spyder Rock Rails installed.